eBook GeoTol Applications and Stacks

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About this GeoTol Applications and Tolerance Stacks Training Program

This course is a professional grade program designed as the “next step” after completing the GeoTol Pro, fundamentals of geometric tolerancing program. It takes the user through practical case study problems showing how to apply geometric tolerancing to parts and assemblies and also how to perform tolerance stacks and analysis. It can be used for design engineering, manufacturing and quality personnel interested in a higher level understanding on the proper application and interpretation of geometric tolerancing. This program can be presented in a variety of formats: DVD video, online training, Instructor led PowerPoint, on site training or used alone as a self study with the separate solutions manual. The program is packed with a variety of examples, lessons and 75 student exercises. The complete course is about 40 plus hours in length, however, the leader or student may select only certain topics that are relevant to shorten and focus the course. This course provides complete flexibility in the learning process. Students can learn only tolerance stacks, only design applications or a combination of both.

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