Jim Jones

I have been using the TCI geometrics training program for many years now. I have seen most all of the geometrics training program and I have remained with TCI for a number of reasons. The first being that there has been considerable thought as to the order of the training and the workbook units. Each unit builds on the previous one like building blocks. For example; the first unit starts out with the basics; symbols features of size, fundamentals rules, what MMC and LMC mean and more. Then limits of size followed by how the geometric system works including the modifiers and how they are interpreted. Virtual size is covered which is used in subsequent units. My point is that the GeoTol workbook order of units builds upon the knowledge learned in the previous units. That is the way a training program should be.

The training program uses a color workbook to better show the graphics so that they are easily understood. Wooden models help the students see and feel the parts to better help the students grasp the important concepts and understand them. This year the 2009 Y14.5 standard came out and with it TCI has an excellent award winning training program on DVD. We have actually received permission from TCI which allows us to put their award winning training program on our local intranet so our personnel can take the training right at their desktop or simply review a portion of the training that they need a refresher on. One other important aspect is the support a company receives when they purchase the TCI products. I personally have called TCI with questions to make sure our technical staff is correct on geometric interpretations and issues with our vendors. Believe me when I tell you just how important that support is sometimes The Neumanns at TCI are just good people who have a great product! In my opinion, if you have not looked at their GeoTol training program and materials, then you and your company have been missing out on the most professional geometrics training available today.


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