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Since 1983, GeoTol Inc, formerly Technical Consultants Inc (TCI) has been a worldwide provider of Geometric Tolerancing training. We provide GD&T training and resources in any format you need, using the latest ASME Y14.5-2018 and ISO-GPS (Geometric Product Specifications).

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Why Choose TCI

Since 1983, the leadership of Al Neumann and Scott Neumann have made Technical Consultants Inc (TCI) the top worldwide provider of Geometric Tolerancing (GD&T) training. Our training program, whether it be onsite, online or from our award-winning videos, features in-depth training for the practical and real-world appilication of GD&T. We have been refining our training for over 35 years to cover exactly what you need to know to work in an engineering, manufacturing or quality environment on a daily basis.

Our training approach integrates computer animated graphics, video clips and 3D wood and plastic models that coincide with the exercises so that students have a hands-on learning experience. Our programs are based on the latest ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO – Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS).

Al Neumann and Scott Neumann

GD&T Training Programs

GeoTol’s GD&T training program (Pro Fundamentals) features in-depth courses and resources designed to develop a basic working knowledge. It is delivered per the ASME Y14.5 2009 standard. This GD&T training program has been presented and refined over the past 30 years and covers what personnel need to know in order to work in an engineering, manufacturing and quality environment on a daily basis.

GeoTol’s GD&T Training Approach

The program approaches the subject from the “practical world” with the use of wood and plastic models that simulate parts, gages and inspection equipment. The basic philosophies of how, when, and where to apply Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing along with tips for producing quality parts are included. Discussion also covers the application for design, manufacturing and quality control. GeoTol’s GD&T training program provides a variety of computer color animated graphics, video clips, wood and plastic models which allow the students to clearly understand the concepts and keep participants engaged throughout the program.

GD&T Training Support

Whether your company is large or small, GeoTol guides and supports you in implementing an effective and sustainable GD&T training and Dimensional Management solution under the ASME Y14.5 2009 standard, no matter which product you use. GeoTol provides training solutions and materials to a worldwide audience. For your convenience training materials are provided through on-site instruction, video, DVD, webinars, classes and other media to be accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

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