GD&T Onsite Classes & Virtual Training

Learn the latest ASME Y14.5 – 2018 or ISO-GPS tolerancing standards from the top GD&T training professionals in the field

About Instructor-led Training

We provide a variety of instructor-led GD&T training programs that can be taught onsite at your location or virtually using video conferencing technology. The programs can be combined, expanded and customized to meet any need great or small.

  • Customizable using your parts and prints
  • Training uses colored animated PowerPoints combined with lectures
  • Wood/plastic models of parts and inspection equipment (CMM routines, surface plate, angle pate, V blocks, height gage, functional gages, etc.) provide a physical learning experience.
  • Many practical student exercises to break up lectures and encourage discussion.
  • Interaction with students using live polling with wireless transponders to monitor the progress of the group.

Who Should Attend?

The students for instructor-led GD&T training are usually mixed from engineering, manufacturing, quality, tooling, and production. The discussions allow everyone to work as a team, using geometric tolerancing to build both quality and economical parts. The open discussion with a good mixture of people is highly beneficial.

Core Programs


Advanced Applications and Stacks

Print Reading & Engineering Drawings


Who should attend?

This can depend on the course. Our GD&T courses are for anyone who works with engineering prints: engineers, drafters, designers, manufacturing engineers, tooling, machinists, quality, inspection, procurement, new hires.

What is the delivery format?


Our standard delivery for one onsite course is 2.5 straight days (20-hour total). Another optional delivery format is to present two 20-hour programs in one week. One class runs 4 hours in the morning for 5 days and the second class runs for 4 hours in the afternoon for 5 days. The courses may also be run back-to-back (2.5 days each) in the same week.


The live virtual class is a series of private group webinars and are customized towards company applications and questions. Live polling, multiple cameras and the latest training software make the virtual training interactive and engaging. The 20-hour course is usually spread out over a 5-day week (4 hours per day). Participants may ask questions and show their own drawings to discuss in class. Access to digital copies of the GeoTol workbook is included for the virtual course.

Where is training conducted?

Onsite at your facility, a designated location (hotel conference/training center), or via the web for virtual training.

What standard is taught?

The fundamentals course focuses on the ASME Y14.5-2018. Differences between the 2009 and 1994 can be shown if your company works to earlier versions. Appendix A in the book shows all differences between earlier Y14.5 standards.

This course may also be taught to ISO-GPS standards. There are minor differences between ASME and ISO and are shown in appendix B of the book. We can alter the course if your company works to ISO-GPS.

What topics are covered?

All instructor-led courses are customized. For a list of topics covered see the course objectives and outlines:

  • GD&T Fundamentals Course
  • Advanced Applications and Tolerance Stacks
  • Print Reading and Engineering Drawings

How is the course customized?

A set of core lessons make up most of the course. The instructor evaluates the people in the course and product they work with. Additional specialized units are selected to cover topics that the students need to know. See course outlines for additional information.

How long is onsite and virtual training?

20-hours is the standard length for both our Fundamentals and Advanced programs. We usually recommend this shorter 20-hour class to create a custom lesson plan for your group. Additional class time and topics can be added if requested. (The full fundamentals and advanced programs covering all topics would be about 40 hours each).

What is the cost?

Please reach out for a formal proposal/quote for pricing details.

Do you offer support after training?

Yes, we are happy to answer questions leading up to and following your training. For larger projects and consulting we also offer hourly time either onsite or virtually.

Is attendance taken?

If requested we are happy to take attendance. For online training our video conferencing technology automatically takes attendance each day.

Do I receive a Certificate of Completion?

Yes, if requested we can provide a certificate of completion once the training program is completed.

Do you offer public training?

Yes, in addition to onsite/virtual training, we partner with ASME to teach their GD&T public offerings. Please see the public course schedule.

Can we film or record training?

Unfortunately, we do not allow audio or video recording of our training sessions. We have a self-paced online course with video clips and exercises to be used as a refresher course or training new hires.

Training Available Worldwide

We have associates located around the world. We travel globally or have local instructors that can provide onsite and virtual GD&T training in a number of languages anywhere in the world.