Core Programs

GD&T Core Programs

TCI (Technical Consultants Incorporated) provides a large selection of effective GD&T training classes, programs and resources, covering many different topics and skill levels. Choose a GD&T training category below to learn more about our programs and options. 

Our GD&T training classes, materials, and resources have been developed in many different formats and media to best accommodate you.  From GD&T DVDs, videos, on-site instruction an other GD&T training classes, we will deliver an effective program to best accommodate your needs.


The Geometric Tolerancing Pro Fundamentals Program is an in-depth study designed to develop a basic working knowledge in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GeoTol). It is delivered per the ASME Y14.5, 2009 standard.

The GeoTol Applications and Tolerance Stacks Program is an advanced tolerancing course for design engineers, drafters, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers and others involved with tolerance analysis or drawing review.

A variety of customized on-site GD&T training programs are available. Our core set of programs can be combined and customized.

The objective of this course is to introduce the basic principles of orthographic projection and provide the participants the necessary skills required to create and interpret engineering and manufacturing drawings.

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