Print Reading with Basic GD&T Program

Course Objectives: This GD&T drawing and reading course is a basic introduction to the required content of engineering drawings. The principles of orthographic projection and an intro to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing are also included.

Targeted Audience: Anyone who needs to create or read an engineering drawing. This GD&T training course is for mechanical engineers, designers, drafters, quality, inspection, manufacturing, tooling, production, procurement, and purchasing.

Course Highlights:

  •       Course developed and refined for over 20 years
  •       Great for either an introductory or refresher course
  •       Customizable content for focused training
  •       Design, quality, and manufacturing personnel in the same class
  •       Follows along with the Print Reading Workbook
  •       Updated to the latest ASME Y14.100-2017 standard
  •       Includes a basic intro to GD&T

Program Description: This engineering drawing reading course focuses on the basics. These skills are essential in mechanical design, production and inspection. GD&T training students will develop skills to draw and visualize parts using orthographic projection (multi-view drawings) thru hands-on practice. Participants will use cutting planes to create sectional views and learn to project auxiliary views.

Students will understand the importance of drawing management such as; title blocks, bill of materials, drawings notes, revisions etc. The course will also cover the application and interpretation of dimensions, surface finishes, screw threads/fasteners, and welding symbols.This GD&T drawing and reading program also introduces various manufacturing processes to produce mechanical parts and assemblies. In addition, the students will be provided with a simple introduction to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbols and terms. Program may also be customized to company parts and prints.

Program Outline

  • Drawing Management
  • Introduction to Drafting Techniques
  • Multi-view Layout and Projection
  • Dimensioning and Drawing Notes
  • Cutting Planes and Sectional Views
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Threads and Fasteners
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Surface Finish
  • Welding
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Introduction

This GD&T Program is available in instructor-led virtual and onsite training.

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