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Program Description

The objective of this course is to introduce the basic principles of orthographic projection and provide the participants the necessary skills required to create and interpret engineering and manufacturing drawings. These skills are essential in mechanical design, production and inspection. Students will develop skills to draw and visualize parts using orthographic projection (multi-view drawings) thru hands-on practice. Participants will use cutting planes to create sectional views and learn to project auxiliary views.

Students will understand the importance of drawing management such as; title blocks, bill of materials, drawings notes, revisions etc. The course will also cover the application and interpretation of dimensions, surface finishes, screw threads/fasteners, and welding symbols. Training in drafting/print reading will also include discussion and the introduction to various manufacturing processes that are necessary to produce mechanical parts and assemblies. In addition, the students will be provided with a simple introduction to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbols and terms. Program will be customized to company parts and prints.

Program Outline

  • Drawing Management
  • Introduction to Drafting Techniques
  • Multi-view Layout and Projection
  • Dimensioning and Drawing Notes
  • Cutting Planes and Sectional Views
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Threads and Fasteners
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Surface Finish
  • Welding
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Introduction

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I just wanted to thank you guys for your GREAT instruction and help! I passed my exam for Senior GDTP Certification!!! Read more “Ryan Kelbey”

Ryan Kelbey
Woodward Turbine Combustion Systems

Technical Consultants Inc. has created a systematic training program for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing that brings engineering, manufacturing, and quality together with one technical language. Read more “Dan Masters”

Dan Masters
Southeast Community College

I would just like to congratulate you on your DVD training course in GD&T to the 2009 standard. It is very well done in a format that makes it logical and understandable. Read more “Malkin Shaw”

Malkin Shaw

Once again, thank you.  Your teaching method is so effective.  I now can learn GD&T without leaving my house.  I love it. Read more “Phe Do”

Phe Do

I had great response from Scott’s class. Comments I heard back was things such as: his explanations were very easy to understand, he did not try to over talk the material, his in class tools and presentation skills were excellent. Read more “Jerry Hornback”

Jerry Hornback
Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies

In my opinion, if you have not looked at their GeoTol training program and materials, then you and your company have been missing out on the most professional geometrics training available today. Read more “Jim Jones”

Jim Jones
Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory

I enjoyed the course. It really helped me brush up on my geometric tolerancing. It was the next best thing to having you guys here giving the course. Read more “Ed Rosienski”

Ed Rosienski
Kollmorgen Corporation

I have attended many training classes throughout my career, but I cannot recall a single instance when I learned more useful and practical information than last week. Thanks again for your help. Read more “Kevin Devine”

Kevin Devine
Illinois State University

I think that this was one of those rare training courses that allows you to go into your office on Monday with what you have learned and do your job more effectively. Read more “Robert Snodgrass”

Robert Snodgrass
Naval Surface Warfare Center