Print Reading with Basic GD&T Program

Course Objectives: This course is a basic introduction to the required content of engineering drawings. The principles of orthographic projection and an intro to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing are also included.

Targeted Audience: Anyone who needs to create or read an engineering drawing. This course is for mechanical engineers, designers, drafters, quality, inspection, manufacturing, tooling, production, procurement, and purchasing.

Course Highlights:

  •       Course developed and refined for over 20 years
  •       Great for either an introductory or refresher course
  •       Customizable content for focused training
  •       Design, quality, and manufacturing personnel in the same class
  •       Follows along with the Print Reading Workbook
  •       Updated to the latest ASME Y14.100-2017 standard
  •       Includes a basic intro to GD&T

Program Description: This course focuses on the basics of engineering drawings. These skills are essential in mechanical design, production and inspection. Students will develop skills to draw and visualize parts using orthographic projection (multi-view drawings) thru hands-on practice. Participants will use cutting planes to create sectional views and learn to project auxiliary views.

Students will understand the importance of drawing management such as; title blocks, bill of materials, drawings notes, revisions etc. The course will also cover the application and interpretation of dimensions, surface finishes, screw threads/fasteners, and welding symbols. This program also introduces various manufacturing processes to produce mechanical parts and assemblies. In addition, the students will be provided with a simple introduction to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbols and terms. Program may also be customized to company parts and prints.

Program Outline

  • Drawing Management
  • Introduction to Drafting Techniques
  • Multi-view Layout and Projection
  • Dimensioning and Drawing Notes
  • Cutting Planes and Sectional Views
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Threads and Fasteners
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Surface Finish
  • Welding
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Introduction

This Program is available in instructor-led virtual and onsite training.

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