General Description

The fundamentals of dimensional metrology are of great importance to the integrity of a measurement system.  This training course emphasizes these fundamentals, focusing primarily on linear measurement.  There is also discussion of the history of metrology, and its importance to the quality of products being manufactured on the shop floor today.

Most of the course deals with techniques for using different measuring tools, such as steel rules, bore gages, micrometers, calipers and dial indicators.  Application, maintenance and care of these instruments are addressed, with the goal of maintaining their accuracy.

The outcome of this course, for the employee, is an expanded knowledge of modern measurement terms and language, a clearer definition of measurement error types and systematic methods to prevent them, and the ability to identify dimensional tolerances and select the best- suited inspection equipment.

The training can be tailored to your parts and prints. Items in the outline can be added, deleted or expanded to meet your needs.

Recommended participants are manufacturing supervisor, manufacturing staff, quality assurance manager, quality inspectors, shop manufacturing personnel, and shop floor manager.

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