GeoTol Pro 2009

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

GeoTol Pro 2009

Cost: $299, Multi-user and Academic discounts available

Course includes: 12 months online unlimited access, Email Technical Support from Al or Scott, GeoTol Pro Workbook $95 plus shipping

GeoTol Pro Fundamentals


On-Line Training Course Description

This on-line course is interactive and uses “state of the art” video streaming to present geometric tolerancing training based on the latest ASME Y14.5-2009 and the ISO GPS standards. Students follow along with the program using the GeoTol Pro programmed color workbook. Students can view the program in its intended format or click on a table of contents or a search that instantly moves them to their location in the lesson or page in the workbook. Students can go back and review a lesson or move through the lessons as they desire.

The course presentation contains hundreds of color computer animated graphics, video clips and demonstrations using physical models that simulate parts, gages and inspection equipment. The course uses sportscaster style presentation where program leaders Scott and Al Neumann use the models to demonstrate hands-on inspection techniques as well as measurement data reporting practices. It provides the students with a physical learning experience. The basic philosophies of how, when, and where to apply geometrics along with common sense tips for producing quality parts are included. Discussion also covers the application of geometric tolerancing to design, manufacturing and quality control.

This is a professional level program and teaches personnel what they need to know in working with geometric tolerancing. The video program recently won the prestigious AVA award for a technical training program. There are student exercises spaced out throughout the entire training program. The exercises allow the students to understand the concepts and provides hands on exercises in throughout every unit for the students to test and apply their new-found skills.

Grades and progress are automatically tracked through the training. A participant may take and retake a quiz as many times as they wish to improve their scores. The course is available afterwards for use as a refresher, reference and for research.

Targeted Audience: Anyone who needs to read an engineering drawing. This course is for engineers, designers, drafters, quality, procurement, tooling, production, purchasing manufacturing, CAD, inspection and shop personnel.

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