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GeoTol Pro Fundamentals Online Package (Online Program + 2009 GeoTol Pro Workbook)


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Save $10 when you bundle. This package includes 1 year access to the GeoTol Pro Online GD&T Fundamentals Training Program AND the GeoTol Pro Workbook.


GeoTol Pro GD&T Fundamentals Online Course Details

This GD&T Fundamentals program is a full professional level course that provide knowledge on the basics as well as the more advanced concepts of geometric tolerancing. It is delivered per the ASME Y14.5-2009 dimensioning and tolerancing standard and consists of 17 interactive units. This program has been presented and refined over the past 30 years and covers what personnel need to know in order to work in an engineering, manufacturing and quality environment on a daily basis. The program is designed to build knowledge in steps, keeping the students engaged all the way through. This program is great for people new to the subject, those looking for a refresher course, or people who are interested in the more advanced and specialized concepts of geometric tolerancing.

The units start with a series of video clips of both Al Neumann and Scott Neumann teaching the lesson. Al and Scott trade off, sportscaster style, teaching the subject by talking about the engineering drawings, showing computer animations and using wood and plastic models to demonstrate inspection techniques. In between the video clips, the students are asked interactive questions on screen. The questions range from multiple choice, drag and drop, or hot spot buttons. After the questions, Al and Scott then provide the answers before continuing to the next topic. The student’s grades are tracked and reported at the end of each unit.

The students may follow along with the lessons in their included GeoTol Pro workbook with pages that match the slides on screen. The 12 month access also allows the students to go back and review both the video clips and questions to reinforce the concepts as needed.


GeoTol Pro Workbook Details

The GeoTol Pro book is a professional grade, must have a companion for all personnel using geometric tolerancing. The book was released in mid-2009 and is recognized as the “Gold Standard” to interpreting geometric tolerancing. The workbook follows along with the included GeoTol Pro Fundamentals Online course.

It is written to the latest ASME Y14.5-2009 standard on dimensioning and tolerancing. It has tables of symbols and an appendix that lists all the improvements and changes from the earlier ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard so it can be used to interpret the latest or earlier standards on geometric tolerancing. The book is complete and also has excerpts listing the similarities and differences from the international, ISO standards on dimensioning and tolerancing. The book has 380 pages with hundreds of graphics in full color. The color graphics make the drawings and tolerance zones “pop” off the page. The full color graphics makes the datum reference frame and tolerance zones stand out and concepts clear and easy to understand.

The book is written in a simple easy to understand language. It has 17 units that begin with the basic fundamentals that gradually progress through the advanced concepts of tolerance boundaries and simple stack-up calculations. The book is designed for engineers, designers, manufacturing and quality personnel. It has hundreds of graphics that show parts in practical assemblies, the application on the drawing, along with graphical inspection techniques and data reporting procedures. The book comes complete loaded with student exercises during and at the end of each chapter. This allows the reader to periodically test their new found skills as they progress through the units. The book has a table of contents and index for an easy search for information.

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