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Our Online Courses are offered to you through the Moodle education platform.

Learn the latest ASME Y14.5 – 2009 Tolerancing Standards from the top professionals in the field.

The 17 unit GeoTol Fundamentals program is presented in an e-Learning video format, and is bundled in two levels plus the 2009 Update. Al and Scott Neumann have presented and refined this program for the past 25 years. It teaches personnel everything they need to know to work with geometric tolerancing.

Streaming technology allows participants to follow the intended delivery or jump to any location in the lesson or book. Students can freely move fore and aft thru the material to seek areas of interest, and the videos provide loads of student workshop exercises. Computer-animated graphics and practical demonstrations, using wood and plastic models, make the subject easy to understand.

The online programs are available in a seminar series where students work problems in their workbook and, afterwords, the solutions and rationale are provided.

The Program is also available with online, grading tracking and reporting. 6 month access period.

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