What’s New in ASME Y14.5-2018?

At first glance, you will notice a few things in the new Y14.5-2018 standard. The new standard does hold the title of the 2018 completion date even though it wasn’t released until February 2019. The sections have been renumbered to match ASME’s new formatting. All new ASME standards must now start with sections 1-3 as Scope, References, and Definitions. The digital pdf version of the standard now has hyperlinks to the correct figures when reading text in the paragraphs. This makes it easier to flip between the words and figures. The extra thickness of the book seems like a lot has been added, as the book went up from 214 to 326 pages. This is mostly due to the extra 3D figures for most of the concepts. Y14.5 is starting to absorb the 3D representation for model based tolerancing from the Y14.41 standard. At least half of the 2D figures now have a matching 3D figure. Click here to read the full article written by Scott Neumann.

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