Print Reading and Engineering Drawing Practices Workbook


  • 255 pages
  • Recently updated in 2011 to the lastest Y14 standards


Designed to be a short course on the fundamentals of Print Reading and Engineering Drawing Practices, this textbook is best suited for entry level engineers, designers, drafters or machinists, quality control and inspection personnel. The material presented in this engineering drawing book may also be used as a “refresher course” in the current ASME standards on how to read mechanical drawings or the preparation of engineering drawings for buyers and purchasing personnel.

The objective of this engineering drawing reading reference book is to reduce a comprehensive series of drawing standards into simple and digestible segments to provide the individual with a better understanding of these fundamental practices used in the preparation or interpretation of engineering drawings.


Engineering drawings are prepared to the ASME Y14 Series of Standard Drawing and Drafting Practices, accepted industry wide practices, and individual company standards. These standards establish uniform practices for anyone who either prepares drawings or reads the print with accepted methods to interpret the information on the drawing.

This program contains fourteen units covering the basic requirements used in the preparation of or the interpretation (print reading) of engineering drawings. Workshop exercises are contained within each unit where applicable. Solutions to these problems are in a separate solutions manual. Critiquing your company’s engineering drawings and others during this workshop is a outstanding opportunity to increase the quality and readability of your own engineering drawings.

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Print Reading and Engineering Drawing Practices
Unit 1 Y14.100 Drawing Standard and Practices
Unit 2 Engineering Drawing Format
Unit 3 Line Conventions
Unit 4 Orthographic Views
Unit 5 Section Views
Unit 6 Auxiliary Views
Unit 7 Detail and Assembly Drawings
Unit 8 Manufacturing Terms, Specifications and Callouts
Unit 9 General Dimensioning and Tolerancing Practices
Unit 10 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Unit 11 Surface Texture
Unit 12 Thread Specification and Representation
Unit 13 Welding Drawings and Symbology
Unit 14 Drawing Quality

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