GeoTol Pro Fundamentals Pocket Guide (single) 2009


The best pocket reference for GD&T. Includes all necessary GD&T symbols, formulas, concepts and tables in one small handy book.

  • 80 pages, full color!
  • Per ASME Y14.5 – 2009
  • Includes major concepts and position tables in both metric & inches
  • Single guide


The GeoTol Pro 2009 Pocket Guide is a handy pocket reference consisting of 80 pages with full color graphics, GD&T symbols, formulas and tables. It is written in an easy to understand language that progresses through the concepts from basic to advanced. It is an abridged version of the GeoTol Pro 2009 Workbook, containing everything you would need to quickly reference in the field or at your desk.

This is a single copy of the GeoTol Pro 2009 Pocket Guide and includes major concepts and position tables in both metric and inch.

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GeoTol Pro 2009 Pocket Guide
Unit 1 Introduction – Symbols and Terms
Unit 2 Limits of Size
Unit 3 How the Geometric System Works Part 1&2
Unit 4 Position Verification
Unit 5 Product Plans and Virtual Condition
Unit 6 The Datum Reference Frame I
Unit 7 Datum Feature Modifiers
Unit 8 The Datum Reference Frame II – Targets and Irregular Surfaces
Unit 9 The Datum Reference Frame III – Advanced Concepts
Unit 10 Form Tolerances
Unit 11 Orientation Tolerances
Unit 12 Profile Tolerances Part1&2
Unit 13 Position Tolerances
Unit 14 Coaxial Tolerances
Unit 15 Fastener Formulas and Screw Threads
Unit 16 Boundaries
Unit 17 Application Exercises