GeoTol Pro Full Fundamentals DVD Video Series – Complete Set


Bring our best-selling GD&T DVD course into your company or classroom taught by internationally-recognized GD&T experts, Scott and Al Neumann. Ideal for teaching uniform application and interpretation of GD&T for company wide quality improvement.

  • Units 1 through 17
  • 16 hrs of Video + 16 hrs of Student Exercises & Solutions = 32 hours total
  • Per ASME Y14.5-2009
  • GeoTol Pro Textbook Required (not included)


Bring our best-selling GD&T DVD course to your company or classroom for unlimited viewing. Our presentation has become the industry standard for teaching GD&T and has been continually refined and perfected for over 35 years. This comprehensive video series is designed to cover everything personnel need to know in order to function and work in an organization that uses geometric tolerancing. This video series progresses from basic concepts all the way into advanced applications.

Designed for self-learning or for use in a classroom type setting within a school or company. Ideal for teaching a uniform interpretation and application of GD&T to all personnel; including engineers, designers, inspectors, machinists and shop floor personnel. This is an invaluable tool for any quality improvement strategy.

The GD&T DVD series consists of 17 units, each approximately 1 hour in length with about 1 hour of student exercises. The video presents GD&T concepts in an easy to understand, sports-caster type presentation. The internationally recognized GD&T experts, Scott and Al Neumann, use 3D models to simulate the graphics, concepts and inspection techniques for an exciting hands-on feel. The students follow along with the page numbers in the video and perform exercises to test their knowledge along the way in the recommended (not included) GeoTol Pro 2009 Workbook.

Awards: The GeoTol Pro 2009 Video Series earned a Platinum Award from the 2009 Ava Awards competition. The Ava Awards recognize outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, writing, direction, shooting and editing of audio-visual materials and programs. There were more than 1,700 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries in the 2009 competition, which is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. Only 210 entries received the highest platinum award level.

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GeoTol Pro Complete Video Program – Contains 17 units plus 2009 update unit
Unit 1 Introduction – Symbols and Terms 77min
Unit 2 Limits of Size 47min
Unit 3 How the Geometric System Works Part 1&2 95min
Unit 4 Position Verification 34min
Unit 5 Product Plans and Virtual Condition 48min
Unit 6 The Datum Reference Frame I 76min
Unit 7 Datum Feature Modifiers 54min
Unit 8 The Datum Reference Frame II – Targets and Irregular Surfaces 47min
Unit 9 The Datum Reference Frame III – Advanced Concepts 77min
Unit 10 Form Tolerances 26min
Unit 11 Orientation Tolerances 35min
Unit 12 Profile Tolerances Part1&2 86min
Unit 13 Position Tolerances 50min
Unit 14 Coaxial Tolerances 58min
Unit 15 Fastener Formulas and Screw Threads 24min
Unit 16 Boundaries 39min
Unit 17 Application Exercises 65min
Total Length: 15.6 hrs of video
32 hrs w/ exercises
Update Unit Changes and improvements in ASME Y14.5-2009 65min


Detailed Outline

GeoTol Pro 2009 Fundamentals Video Series Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
    • General overview, geometric characteristic symbols, rules, terms and definitions
    • Introduction to measurement principles, open set-up and CMM
  • Unit 2: Limits of Size
    • Rule #1
    • Features with & without size
    • Regular & irregular features of size
    • Independency principle
    • Limits & fits
  • Unit 3: How the Geometric System Works
    • Problems with plus/minus tolerancing
    • Introduction to the datum reference frame
    • Datum precedence
    • Basic dimensions
    • Introduction to Position Tolerancing
    • MMC, LMC, RFS feature modifiers
    • Introduction to Profile Tolerancing
  • Unit 4: Position Tolerancing and Verification
    • Verifying position
    • More on MMC, LMC, RFS feature modifiers
    • Paper gage
  • Unit 5: Product Plans and Virtual Condition
    • Product definition drawing, manufacturing process plan, dimensional measurement plan
    • Introduction to boundaries
    • Calculating virtual size
    • Perpendicularity as a refinement of position
  • Unit 6: The Datum Reference Frame
    • Datums, datum features, datum feature simulators
    • Holes, slots, shafts, tabs, widths as datum features
    • Connection between the theory and physical
    • Datum feature precedence
    • Constraining the degrees of freedom
    • Datum feature simulator requirements
    • Partial datum features
  • Unit 7: Datum Feature Modifiers
    • MMB, LMB, RMB
    • Calculating boundaries for datum features at MMB
    • Comparison between datum feature modifiers RMB and MMB
    • Simultaneous requirement implied as default
    • Calculating allowable datum feature shift
    • Paper gage calculations
  • Unit 8: Datum Targets and Irregular Surfaces
    • Contoured datum features
    • Datum targets used on sheet metal
    • Datum targets used on castings
    • Calculations from casting to machining
  • Unit 9: Datum Reference Frames, Advanced Topics
    • Hole patterns as datum features
    • Hole and Slot design
    • Translation modifier
    • Multiple DRF
    • Customized DRF
  • Unit 10: Form Tolerances
    • Flatness, Straightness, Circularity, Cylindricity
    • Flatness per unit area
  • Unit 11: Orientation Tolerances
    • Perpendicularity, Parallelism, Angularity
    • Orientation as a refinement of Location
    • Perpendicularity of Zero at MMC
  • Unit 12: More Advanced Profile Tolerances
    • Profile of a surface and line
    • Using profile to control size, form, orientation and location
    • Bilateral and unilateral tolerances
    • Application and verification princip
    • Free state and restrained condition
    • Composite profile
  • Unit 13: More Advanced Position Tolerances
    • Position rectangular, conical, spherical tolerance zones
    • Position boundary
    • Continuous feature
    • Composite position tolerancing
    • Comparison of two single segments vs. composite tolerancing
    • Paper gage calculations
  • Unit 14: Coaxial and Runout Tolerances
    • Two datum features creating a single datum axis (A-B)
    • Position to control coaxiality
    • Circular runout and total runout
    • Concentricity and Symmetry
    • Profile to control coaxiality
    • Comparison of position, concentricity, runout, profile
  • Unit 15: Fixed and Floating Fastener Formulas
    • Calculating position tolerances for clearance holes and tapped holes
    • Screw threads with projected tolerance zones
  • Unit 16: Boundaries
    • Maximum material boundary, least material boundary, inner boundary, outer boundary
    • Introduction to stack ups
    • Calculations for wall thickness
  • Unit 17: Applications
    • Corner Bracket
    • Flange Bearing
    • Powder Case
    • Link

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