GeoTol Pro Plastic Model Set


Contains 40 plastic models that represent the graphics and parts presented in the 2020 GeoTol Pro Fundamentals training materials. These GD&T plastic parts aid an instructor in presenting training with the video series, PowerPoint, online program, and/or workbook.

  • Set of 40 high-quality printed plastic model pieces.
  • Sample inspection tools included
  • Great for a hands-on and robust GD&T training


Fully UPDATED! The GeoTol Pro model set contains 40 plastic models. These models are to aid a live instructor teaching with the GeoTol Pro 2020 Fundamentals Video Series, PowerPoint, Online Program, or Workbook to provide a hands-on learning experience. The models match the 2D graphics/parts used throughout the training program and demonstrate practical applications of parts fitting together. The parts are made with high-quality 3D printed PLA plastic in a variety of colors. Some of the parts are produced with exaggerated manufacturing errors to illustrate the need for geometric tolerances in design and inspection.

The models also include sample inspection tools such as a height gage, angle plate, V-blocks, gage blocks, fixtures, and functional gages. The instructor can demonstrate practical inspection techniques on the imperfect parts. The models, workbook, PowerPoint, and video series can all be used together in a package or separately to provide an exciting and educational experience for the participants.

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