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GeoTol Pro Wood and Plastic Model Set


Pro Fundamentals · Model Set · 2009

  • Set of 40 wood and plastic model pieces.
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A set of 40 wood and plastic models are available. These models are used by the leader to provide participants with a 3D hands-on learning experience. The models can be used with the DVD/Video programs, Instructor PowerPoint kit or workbooks. The models are generally designed for the Geo Tol Pro Fundamentals Program but can also be used to demonstrate practical applications in the Geometric Tolerancing Stacks and Analysis program and the Geometric Tolerancing Applications with Stacks program. The models include sample inspection tools such as a height gage, angle plate, sine bar, V-blocks, calipers, functional gages and an array of sample parts. The model pictures and drawings in the workbook, DVD/videos and Instructor PowerPoint kit match the parts in the wood and plastic model set.

The parts are produced “out of square” and imperfect. This assists the leader to illustrate the concept of imperfect features and parts relative to the perfect coordinate system. The workbook, video series and models can all be used separately or in conjunction to provide an exciting and educational experience for the participants.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 19 in

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