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GeoTol Pro Fundamentals DVD Video Series- Starter Set


Pro Fundamentals · DVD · 2009

  • Units 1 to 6 and 10 to 11
  • 8 hrs of Video + 8 hrs of Student Exercises & Solutions = 16 hours total
  • Per ASME Y14.5-2009
  • GeoTol Pro Textbook Required (not included)
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The GeoTol Pro Fundamental DVD video series Level 1 is total of 8 units with 8 + hours of video and another 8 hours of student exercises and is based on the ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO GPS standards.  It is designed to teach the basic uniform interpretation skills to designers, inspectors, tool makers and shop floor personnel. It covers what personnel need to know in order to function and work in an organization that uses geometric tolerancing. It is part 1 of the Geometric Tolerancing Fundamentals video program and contains only units 1 to 6 and 10 to 11.

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GeoTol Pro Fundamentals Level 1 – Contains 8 Units
Unit 1 Introduction – Symbols and Terms 77min
Unit 2 Limits of Size 47min
Unit 3 How the Geometric System Works Part 1&2 95min
Unit 4 Position Verification 34min
Unit 5 Product Plans and Virtual Condition 48min
Unit 6 The Datum Reference Frame I 76min
Unit 10 Form Tolerances 26min
Unit 11 Orientation Tolerances 35min
Total Length: 7.3 hrs of video
16 hrs w/ exercises

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