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Virtual Training

Learn the ASME Y14.5 – 2018 or ISO-GPS Tolerancing Standards from the top GD&T training professionals in the field.

Looking for a training program that can bring your personnel ‘together’ from multiple sites or locations? Our virtual classes may be just what you are looking for. These live, instructor-led classes are comprised of a series of private group sessions that participants can access wherever there is an internet connection, whether that be from home or from their work space.

These classes are usually spread out in shorter sessions over more days as compared to a typical on-site course. This allows the participants to still be able to participate in the normal work week while also attending the training sessions.

All of our classes can be customized with company-specific applications and topics. Live polling, multiple cameras and the latest training software make the virtual training interactive and engaging.  Participants may ask questions and provide their own drawings to discuss during the course. Access to digital copies of our GD&T workbooks are included with the courses. 


Check out our public course offerings as well. Offering GD&T Fundamentals, Advanced as well as our newest course, Model Based Definition using Modern GD&T.

TCI can provide these Core Programs as virtual instructor-led courses:

TCI can combine any or all of our Core Programs and also create Custom Programs specifically tailored to your company.


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