Do-It-Yourself Training


Do-It-Yourself Training

Do you want to conduct the training yourself at your company or classroom? We have the training material for you. Avoid hours and hours of putting the materials together with our professional grade packages. All the materials are open architecture that allow you to add, delete or customize the program to meet your exact needs.

We have Instructor PowerPoint kits, DVD video, on-line training, Wood and plastic models, textbooks and pocket guides to aid you in your delivery. The training materials are complete with student workshop exercises along with the solutions.

Do you want the program to run itself with minimum input from a leader?

Use our DVD GeoTol Pro video series and GeoTol Pro workbooks. The video can be used in a class room situation or in a learning library. Students follow along with the video and work exercises in the Programmed GeoTol Pro textbook. Solutions are included in the video

Want to use the DVD video program but only want to use a short time and not buy?

Use our online video program and present it to students with an electronic projector in a classroom setting. Students complete the workshop exercises in their GeoTol Pro books.

Are you comfortable with geometric tolerancing and want to present the training yourself?

Use our Instructor powerpoint kits. They have hundreds and color animated slides along with instructor notes. Students follow along with the video and work exercises in the programmed GeoTol Pro textbook. Solutions are included in the PowerPoint.

Want to put some excitement in your presentation?

Add our wood and plastic model set to any presentation to give the students a 3D practical learning experience. The models match the pics in the workbook, video and PowerPoint

Want something simple?

Provide your personnel with our professional level color textbooks and pocket guides for self study and reference.



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